Growing With our customers Needs

heavy lifting


Our vision is a transformative partnership with customers, founded on trust and collaboration. We commit to proactive communication, preventing surprises and ensuring a resilient alliance for shared growth and excellence. 

1.Customer-Centric: Prioritize customer needs and provide exceptional service
2.Quality: Deliver reliable, safe, and efficient robotic systems
3.Innovation: Always seek new solutions and embrace creativity

VEHTEK Technologies 

A Division of Cosma

Our expertise and methodical approach empower us to deliver automation solutions, ensuring our equipment not only meets but surpasses the unique requirements of our customers.


OUR Core Values

For companies new to automation, we take the lead in shouldering the complexities, guiding them through the process with expertise and care, ensuring a successful journey towards automation adoption. We turn the unfamiliar into the accomplished, step by step.


Interested robotics and PLC candidates, please message us via the contact tab.  We are looking for quality people that are willing to travel.

Nurturing alongside our clients, we flourish by solving their diverse automation requirements, crafting solutions that seamlessly align with their growth.

Our process-driven integration guarantees a step-by-step precision, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our solutions to meet our  customers'  requirements..

OUR Vision

“Mike Olson’s knowledgeable, professional hands-on expertise was instrumental in the success of our launch"