The owner of Complete Solution Robotics, Michael Olson BBM, PMP, has over 28 years of experience in the robotics industry.   He began as a Robotics Systems Engineer with responsibilities such as electrical and mechanical assembly, debugging and programming.  Later, he continued to refine his skills as a Robotics Process Engineer by developing front end designs and software development.  He rounded out his experience by working as a Robotics Project Manager.  This all-encompassing experience gives Mike and Complete Solution Robotics a competitive advantage against many other automation companies. 


"Mike was recommended to us by a robotics component supplier that I had spoken to.  We hired him to integrate a glass polishing process of ours that another integrator had attempted and was unable to accomplish.  So when Mike stepped in we were already 6 months past our deadline.  Our process in not a “typical” robotic application in that it required the robot to “feel” the pressure between the tool and the part.  Mike has a great relationship with FANUC since he worked for them and left on good terms and is totally familiar with FANUC’s products.  He specified and ordered the robot and all the components to integrate it into our process.  He designed and built the control circuitry and safety interface specifically for our application.  Once everything was in our shop, he came in and wired it up and programmed and tested the process.  From start to finish it only took two months to get us into production, which to me seemed like an amazingly short time.  And he did so within the budget he had set from the beginning."

"In all the years we’ve been in business, I have never worked with a more hard-working, honest and knowledgeable person and it is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone interested in using his services.  He says he loves what he does, and it shows."

Jerry Fein - Owner of Vitraform


I just got done doing a project with another OEM using an existing robot in house. After about 3 months, the robot still did not work the way it did before. Complete Solution Robotics was recommended to me and my organization to come in and help resolve any and all issues. With the system not working well after the original project, we essentially were losing ground for three months straight. Mike saw there was an urgency, even though he had no ties to the original project, and immediately worked a way to get out to us on the East Coast. Mike was here within a week. After giving him our objectives and project background, within three days, he had the robot palletizing better than it ever had before! The amount of time, dedication, and customer service were outstanding.

He did great explaining what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. His pricing is extremely reasonable. He is great to work with, very empathetic, and brought an energy with him that operators loved. The operators were excited about working on the system again and production has been solid ever since. He did more in those three days than the other OEM did in three months! I look forward to working with Complete Solution Robotics and Mike again on our future projects and would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Michael DiDomenico - Automation Engineer, Ultra Dairy


"Complete Solution Robotics was requested to assist VEHTEK with a successful tooling launch that contained cutting edge Fanuc Vision technology.  Mike Olson’s knowledgeable professional hands-on expertise was instrumental in the success of our launch.  Mike was invited back to our facility for process improvements as well as being responsible for training our staff on this unique vision system.  I would definitely recommend his experienced professional services to anyone".

Andy Getzy - Business Unit Manager at Assembly North at Cosma International


You don't hear a lot of the praise we get, but everybody from the top to bottom of the organization is extremely impressed by the robots and other feasibility videos we've shared. The quality, safety, and continued technical support your team offers is top notch, and we couldn't ask for better business partners.

We've come a long way thanks to you and your entire team, and we look forward to the next year as we launch this process.

​Michael Franklin, PhD - Diagnostic Strategy - Manufacturing Process Development at Invitae/Archer


Thanks again for a great project.  Over the course of my ten years, your group by far is one of the best one's I've worked with.  Looking forward to working together in the future.

​Dan Merritt - Operations Engineer at RRC